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COST PER WEAR (CPW) - or "cost in relation to how many times it (an item) has been worn" - is a simple idea: the value of an item is directly related to how much you use it. An equation that helps you understand the real value of the item in relation to its use.

Example: if you buy a t-shirt for €100 and wear it once, that t-shirt will cost you €100; if you wear it again, each use now costs €50; if you use it a hundred times, each use is €1, and so on. 

The purchase of every garment is a social commitment.

When both companies and consumers engage in the selection, design, creation and purchase of clothing, we all benefit.

A smaller, carefully curated wardrobe means:

  •  No more items that get dusty or clothes you only wear once.

  • Less waste and fewer garments sent directly to landfill. Wearing a garment 50 times instead of 5 times (the fast fashion average) reduces carbon emissions by over 400% per garment per year.

  • Saving money in the long run.

  • Less participation in the heavy consumer culture

  • Conscientious spending on the things that matter to you: you choose where to spend your money

  • A further positive impact on the environment: fewer parcels sent on emission-producing transport journeys.