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Since I had my first child, my behaviours, habits and priorities shifted: from everything around myself to everything around my baby.

My day was made of feeding, changing and putting my baby to bed, every day for 24 hours. From never being at home, working 10 hours a day, having nothing to eat in the fridge to always being at home, needing to have a full fridge, struggling to find the time for a 5 minutes shower or to stay at the phone with friends. 

My life entered a new dimension. Boring?  No, I was experiencing the most powerful kind of love ever in my life and, therefore, all those changes in my habits were more than welcomed.  

Things started to become normal quite soon again. After a couple of months, I was back to my old lifestyle with a much better time management and back to work again. Over time I noticed that there had been a shift from my side on how I perceived the time working for a company. Doing a good job and being a good mum is quite a tough thing at times. 

Being torn between the 2 worlds, the matter of “sense” came up more often and after the birth of my second son I thought for the first time of the idea “What if I had my own company?”

There I could combine my idea of family friendly management, give some support to people in need, try to apply my vision of life in my own project.

Dreams are the drivers of our actions. My family and friends empowered me to get out of my comfort zone, face some risks and try to make our idea reality. CORA happywear comes from the Italian word CORAggio, which means courage. This is what CORA is all about.

Elisabeth Tocca- CEO & Mother