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Buying any piece of clothing is a conscious gesture.

Recognising the value of an item, being aware of its production process, has become a right of every consumer. Making the best choice, a duty.

CORA invites you to understand what you are buying, not just how much you are spending. 

One of our goals is to fight the idea that fast fashion is the only way we can buy. The need and pressure to keep consuming and buying more only to have so many different items, thrown away in a few months, damaged after very little use, leaves us discouraged and consumers unsatisfied.

This is why CORA invests in it's happy production: to create garments with high quality standards at every stage of its production and distribution, all aspects that determine the price of each of its garments, i.e. its "value": So every time you buy something and bargain too hard on the price consider that you are probably cutting the wage of somebody working for you : )


Raw material cost, labour on cultivation, transportation

Labour in trasforming into fibres, cutting textiles, colouring...

Production in textile is lots of manual work: sewing, buttons, ironing, packing...

Printing implies: shipping to printer, manual work for printing or embroidery 

 Transport of the finished product to the brand warehouse

Many people earn their lives in bringing the product to your point of purchase: agents, shops, trade fairs..