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Soft and natural organic cotton which will make you happy!  

Cotton is the most widely used textile in clothing today. It is a soft, fluffy staple fibre that grows in a ball of the cotton plant. As soon as the plant matured the ball bursts open in a soft and white wool which could be collected by hand or machine for fabric.

Unlike traditional cotton, organic cotton is produced without pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or other chemicals such as conventional fertilizers. This is possible through the use of beneficial organisms. They prevent vermins from harming the crops in a natural way. All fertilizers used for organic-farming are of natural origin, which also prevents the pollution of the ground water. Cultivating organic cotton also reduces water consumption thanks to a very old production technique, called "crop rotation". Changing the type of crops cultivated on a field regularly increases its fertility. The organic cotton used by CORA Happywear is cultivated and collected in Greece.

We have chosen this cloth as it provides many benefits for our skin: anti-irritating, anti-allergenic, high sensation of cosiness on the skin, softer and with a higher breathable than the traditional cotton

Zero chemical products/ No pesticides.

Water consumption drastically reduced.


No GMO seeds.

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