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Elisabeth Tocca

Founder & CEO Cora

Founder of CORA. Idealist, at times too optimist… maybe sometimes a bit naïve. I love my children, my family, my friends, my job, the world. I love exploring, discovering new things, talking for hours about highly philosophical topics without being a philosopher. I love the mountain peaks in the sunrise and in the sunset. I love staying with friends and making parties in every occasion. 


Daria Gadalean 

Digital Marketing and Communication

Ironic, outgoing and curious. I like discovering new things and exploring various fields, which is why the variety of my work stimulates and excites me. A good mix of creativity and precision lead my days. I like cinematography and nature. I am a great talker and I like to sing... even though I am off-key.  

Daniel Tocca

Sales Manager Germany/Austria/Alto Adige

Cheerful, dreamer, pragmatic and concrete. I strongly believe that every small step in a path of inspiration and awareness helps. I love beauty, my daughters and their amazing mom. I love my job because it conveys the idea of dressing only the beautiful that suits us and speaks about us in the world.


Silvia Manuali 

Customer Care & Sales Advisor  

I'm fine in the confusion but I love the details. Not the blatantly interesting ones, rather the less noteworthy ones. I find people more interesting than anything: the texture of their stories, the colours of their tastes, the fantasies hidden by unspoken words. I have changed many paths up to where I am now but none was a shortcut, I am certainly stubborn but cunning is not a quality of mine. There is so much to innovate and change in this industry, it's great to be part of a team that has this important mission.

Blanka Pan

Graphic Designer 

Working with CORA for me means contributing to sustainability, eco-friendly and transparent work flow, to consciousness and fairness in producing clean clothes for everyone, this makes me feel good.

In this way..I always try to change the habits, break the rules and let clothes flow in circles. 


Darlene Sullivan

Designer & Textile Print Artist


A dreamer who's always carved out my own path in life from NYC to Hawaii to Alto-Adige. I love discovering new places and bringing my camera along for the ride. Passionate about circular design and eco-social practices, I strive to find innovative ways to create with our world’s best interest and always a bit of fun in mind.