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Baby Boy T-shirt 0-24 months

Original and funny graphics made with water-based colours prints give our t-shirt a unique personality. Our selection includes long sleeves t-shirts, short sleeves t-shirts and body t-shirts. Cora Happywear never neglect materials security, chosen not to irritate your baby’s skin. Soft, convenient, transpiring, comfortable, allergy-free and anti-irritation, Cora’s t-shirts are made in natural fibres to pamper baby’s skin. It’s perfect for everybaby!

Baby T-Shirt "Prezi" in organic cotton blue
32.00 € 22.40 € 22.400000000000002 EUR
Aura T-Shirt Eucalyptus
32.00 € 28.80 € 28.8 EUR
Baby T-Shirt "Aura" in eucalyptus with Elephant print
32.00 € 22.40 € 22.400000000000002 EUR
Alex Tencel T-Shirt - bro
31.50 € 28.35 € 28.35 EUR