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 The CORAge to change, together.

CORA means COURAGE, the courage to make a difference: to commit to constantly improving production processes, to choose only raw materials that respect the environment, to follow the rhythms and needs of nature, to do business with a social and sensitive approach. 

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world: CORA is committed to changing this, without sacrificing aesthetics and the pleasure of dressing.




      CORA chooses garments that are delicate and respectful of sensitive skin 


      CORA protects the environment by choosing natural fibers that do not harm it 


      People are at the centre of each stage of the production process


      24 APRIL 2014

      CORA was founded on the symbolic date of the anniversay of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh. The 24th of April is for us a key date because we should not forget what happened in the past. Remembering is the only way for improving. This is our goal with CORA which stands for courage you need to enter as a game changer in a huge and very competitive and settled industry.

      We stay optimists and believe that every little choice can make the difference for our planet and our future generations. 

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      CORA wants to create a community of people who share a respect for the environment, the products and the workers involved in the production process: a community that has the CORAge to change things, starting with small gestures. 


      1 OCT 2021
      In 2021 CORA presents a revolutionary project of circular economy dedicated to families: CORAcircle. An important step for innovation and sustainability: CORAcircle is the first organic clothing rental project for infants from 0 to 12 months.
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