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Robust and soft: the perfect dress

From the beechwood it is possible to obtain a very soft and silky fabric, able to combine quality and sustainability perfectly. Modal is the cellulose fibre extracted from a fibre of a beechwood tree. The beech trees are very ancient and resistant plants, that thrive in Northern and Central Europe creating very large and dense forests. The  fibre used in the Cora Happywear collection is produced by Lenzing and is called Edelweiss® technology. 

The process through which the technology is made is called "symbiotic" and takes place in the Austrian Alps,  the area of origin of the fibre. There, indeed, the abundance of beeches made possible to situate on site all stages of the spinning process. This method allows a considerable saving of energy resources and above all does not require the procurement of other materials from abroad. Furthermore, the process devised by Lenzing provides for the recovery of a large part of the waste material. The result is a textile of excellent quality, made in a sustainable way and having the advantage of a light weight.

This beechwood fibre is just perfect: it is very soft, but resistant at the same time; it is elastic and wicking, but it dries quickly; it is antiallergic and antibacterial. We from CORA love every aspect of the beechwood!


Quantity of water used for production is 20 times less than normal cotton.

The beeches are long-lived trees, that can live up to 300 years, and very high plants, that mature and reach a height of up to 24 meters. One might think that they require many litres of water to grow, but surprisingly they only need a good and spacious environment to flourish, ideally exposed to sunlight. Only the newly planted trees need watering and feeding. 

That is why the water consumption is 20 times less than a normal plantation of cotton.  

99% of the materials used for production are recovered.

The beech fibre is very much durable and can be used for many and different types of textile fabrics, also in combination with organic cotton. Its production is absolutely fair and sustainable for the environment. 

The extraction process is defined as sustainable since it implements new sustainable technologies, exploits recyclable substances and eliminates the negative impact on the environment.


The fibre comes from trees that are not treated with pesticides.

The beech fibre is extracted from the beechwood and can be considered a sustainable source because it regenerates alone and it does not need any use of pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers for growing.

This means that there is no need for reforestation and for replanting. the beech trees are deep-rooting plants that develops and thrives in Northern and Central Europe. The forests of beeches create a special environment and a natural habitat for animals and other plants, too.

The material is biodegradable.

All types of fiber, used in CORA Happywear products, have been certified as biodegradable and compostable under industrial, domestic, soil, freshwater and marine conditions, so they can fully return to nature. 

The beech fibre is not harmful to the environment.


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