The healing power of trees

Today in Italy we celebrate National Tree Day! With this article we would like to share our admiration towards trees and show you their magical power. 

We all probably know that feeling, during a walk into the next park/forest suddenly the mood brightens up, you feel happier and relaxed. You might think it is only because nature provides an escape from the city’s hectic but in reality thanks to the trees we experience a healing process. But how is it possible that trees give us such powerful energy?

Maybe the most known practice of natural therapy is the Japanese method “shinrin-yoku” which means literally “forest bathing”. It essentially claims that by doing a “bath” in nature one is able to connect and heal with it through senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Therefore, it not only is happening through what we see and touch in the forest but also especially due to the smell. The trees have the ability to release antimicrobial essential oils in the air that initially is there to protect trees from germs but in addition gives us humans a healing power, boosting our immune system, reducing blood pressure, anxiety, and even helping fight depression and cancer. 

Especially kids playing in nature experience some important benefits. For instance, Optometrist Donald Mutti (OD, PhD, of The Ohio State University College of Optometry) suggests that children that are genetically predisposed to myopia, by spending a minimum of 14 hours a week in nature are three times less likely to need glasses.  

So let’s be CORAgeous and give yourself and your little ones a jolt and go outside in the search of a little place in nature to boost your immune system, especially now that it gets chillie

But before you go outside don’t forget to dress up cozily. Avoid uncomfortable clothes made from plastic materials and dress in our natural fabrics (beechwood fibre, eucalyptus fibre, bamboo fibre, and organic cotton) to completely feel one with nature. We are convinced that by wearing natural wood fibres you can experience a similar healing power deriving from the original tree’s power! 

Here you find a cozy and warm outfit from CORA happywear that is perfect for you and your little ones when doing your walks between the magical, healing trees. 

Let’s meet in the woods! 

Your CORA happywear team