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Today we want to share with you one of our collaborations...Those fascinating collaborations that open your mind and heart.

We met Miss Market about one year ago. She is in the business of finance thus, you may be wondering what it has to do with CORA happywear? Finance and children's clothing have little in common at first glance.
As we got to know each other, we found that we have many goals and values in common. One among them: we both want the best for our children.
Since 2014 we at CORA have been looking for the most innovative and sustainable solutions to create soft and comfortable garments for babies, children, and women, to protect our children's skin and the planet where they will grow up.
Miss Market, on the other hand, has taught us that even in finances, children should be considered from birth. Bringing into the world the most precious thing we have involves the creation of a plan for financing and support them to ensure their harmonious and serene growth.

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The heart of our collaboration lies in our 0-24 month body in soft eucalyptus fiber. The "Baby Market" body grows with newborns up to two years embodying the values and the message we want to convey.  On the one hand, there is CORA that has created this body to avoid unnecessary waste of fabric and tons of textile waste. On the other hand, there is Miss Market who developed the gold print: the symbols of the bear and the bull represent the stock exchange and indicate the market trend. A QR code takes us directly to Miss Market's website where we can find a financial glossary to start speaking its language!

Today our most innovative body is painted with finance and like your investments it grows, joining you and your newborn in this new adventure.
Together we're ready to send a message of environmental sustainability and financial education, bringing financial education closer to families and cultivating it right through our body!
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From now on this innovative body is finally available on Miss Market website: 
Start learning more about finance here:

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