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As you may have seen, Cora happywear uses different sustainable fabrics in their products, including beechwood fibre. But why is this innovative fibre so special? 

What makes beech so attractive is the fact that it gets old, it is resilient and you can find them in Central and Northern Europe. This is why the Austrian company Lenzing has set itself the task of developing a sustainable fabric from the region's abundance of beech, which is called TENCEL®Modal. Using Edelweiss® technology, the company extracts a very soft and silky fabric from the cellulose fibre of beech. 

The company is even more sustainable than other fabric fibre producers because everything is produced locally through innovative spinning processes in an energy-saving way. They don't need to import other materials and have also developed a resource-saving cyclical waste mechanism. 

So one could say that Lenzig is doing everything right by giving the textile industry the opportunity to produce sustainable, high-quality fashion! 

How is the beechwood fibre produced? 

In the production of beechwood fibre, the cellulose extracted from the wood is spun out. To make the yarn, the wood fibres are then spun in liquid form and pressed through small holes. 

After that, the yarn is ready for the production of Cora happywear products .

What are the environmentally friendly properties of beechwood fibre?

20 times less water consumption than normal cotton

Beech trees are long-lived trees that can last up to 300 years and reach a height of up to 24 metres. You might think that they need a lot of water to grow, but surprisingly, all they need to thrive is a good location, enough space, and, ideally, sunshine.

For this reason, water consumption is 20 times less than a normal cotton plantation needs!

99% recycled materials

Another advantage for the environment is that beechwood fibre is very durable and can be used for many and different types of textile fabrics, also in combination with organic cotton. 

Moreover, its production is absolutely fair and sustainable for the environment. 

By using new sustainable technologies, using recycled fabrics, and thus eliminating the negative impact on the environment, the extraction process is all in all very sustainable.

No pesticides

TENCEL®Modal is obtained from beech wood and can be considered a sustainable source as the forest regenerates on its own and no pesticides or fertilizers need to be used for cultivation.

In addition, beech is a deep-rooted plant that thrives in northern and central Europe and its special environment provides a natural habitat for animals and other plants as well. It, therefore, represents a permanent source of raw material. 

Biodegradable material

Like all fibre types in Cora happywear products, beechwood fibre is 100% biodegradable and compostable and therefore inherently ecologically sustainable. 

Also, all of our garments at Cora happywear are sustainably produced and certified under industrial, domestic, soil, freshwater, and marine conditions. 

But what makes this fabric so appealing to its users? 

Since we all like to buy clothes that are durable, beechwood fibre is optimal because of its resilience. 

In addition, clothing made from beechwood fibre is elasticated and is very breathable. But the fibre is not only robust and adapts to the body temperature, it is also cuddly and therefore keeps the body warm, especially on cold days.

Perfect for the coming winter months! 

In addition, garments in beechwood fibre are 100% natural and therefore anti-allergic and anti-bacterial! 

On top of that, the beechwood fibre fabric is particularly soft. You could almost say it feels like a pleasant caress on your skin! 

As you may have noticed, we at Cora happywear are real fans of beechwood fibre!

It is not only super soft but also resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, and breathable.

Are you convinced of the high quality and sustainability of beechwood fibre? 

Then take a look at our website and find your long-lasting dream clothing in beechwood fibre!