In this article we have summarized the most common doubts and curiosities of our customers about eucalyptus fibre (TENCEL): one of the most ecological fabrics on the sustainable fashion market.

1. TENCEL ...for those who suffer from excessive sudoration

Does wearing eucalyptus fibre help those who suffer from excessive sweating? YES! Since it dries quickly and is much more breathable than cotton and other fabrics, it is also often used as a technical sports fabric.

2. Is TENCEL an anallergic fabric?

The eucalyptus fibre is not an hypoallergenic product by definition, but we can define it as hypoallergenic. This characteristic is attributable to Tencel because thanks to its high breathability and fast drying, it does not allow the formation of mites in the fabric. In short, if I had to speak correctly about the characteristics of the eucalyptus fibre is: ANTI BATTERY and HYPOALLERGENIC, therefore it is particularly suitable for garments in close contact with the skin as underwear and t-shirts.

3. Difference between organic cotton and TENCEL

Tencel is a more ecological fabric than organic cotton. The eucalyptus fibre is more ecological because it has a considerably lower environmental impact than cotton (even in the BIO version): it does not take up space to grow food, it grows in height in nature very quickly, it needs neither irrigation nor pesticides.

4. WASHING on eucalyptus fibre garments

Garments made of eucalyptus fibre are very resistant and can be machine washed like cotton. They do not need to be washed at high temperature thanks to the characteristics that they have by nature: anti-bacterial, we therefore recommend washing at low temperature to preserve their characteristics.

A low temperature wash also allows a considerable energy saving, which together with the use of Ecological soaps helps to preserve the environment.

Tencel dries quickly, does not crumple and does not need ironing, but if necessary it can be ironed.