For nine months the baby's world is in its mother's belly. There he moves, he listens to the sounds, he feels his mother's breaths, the sensations and the beat of her heart. A warm, muffled and safe world where he feels protected.

Birth represents the moment when he leaves this safe and welcoming world to face the real one, in which he realizes he has his own autonomy with respect to his mother and father, but he often needs them to relax.

The baby needs contact with her mother, with the beat of her heart, her voice, her perfume and the rhythm of her walking to rediscover those sensations experienced during pregnancy and with her father who she has learned to recognize as a figure for her needs.

Heart to heart

Mothers' arms are always ready to welcome their babies, to nurse them, to cradle them and to reassure them. An excellent solution to keep the baby in contact, with hands free, is the baby carrier belt.

The headband is a useful tool that allows you to keep your child always with you during the day with your hands free to make gestures. It is practical, comfortable and versatile, suitable for any occasion and allows you to carry your child and make him feel safe.

Bringing your baby into contact with your body, as in the belly, both for mum and dad, is a gesture of love, a cuddle that makes children more serene and soothes the impact with the outside world.

The sash can also be used by dads who can then get to know and learn to discover their child's needs and requirements.

The benefits of the sash

The advantages and benefits of using the baby carrier belt are for both parents and the child. The baby carrier makes children feel welcomed and protected in contact with their parents and makes them fall asleep more easily. The newborn feels safe, the older child can stay close to adults and learn many things.

For the parent, both mum and dad, the sash helps to keep the baby calm, have their hands free for other activities, such as running a baby brother or sister, can experience the beauty of being close to the baby and the daddy can experience carrying, an activity the woman has experienced for nine months.

There are several physical benefits for the baby: the band helps the thermoregulation of his body, helps the development of hips, promotes breastfeeding, soothes colic. The bands allow the baby to assume an ergonomic and natural position, to have head, neck and back supported, helping the development of the latter not being forced to a rigid structure. For parents it helps to balance the weight by avoiding back and neck pain, balancing the weight between the torso and hips.

Walking or doing activities at home with your child nearby is beautiful, the child can leave the parent's chest peacefully, you can play together and hear the laughter in his ear, have the child's gaze very close and helps to learn to listen to the rhythm of his breathing, to understand when he is falling asleep.

The advantages of carrying a sash are also practical, in many occasions you can avoid carrying the stroller, for example to go to the beach or walk in the mountains, in the rain just open an umbrella to shelter both; even during the holidays you can choose not to carry the stroller, so limit the objects to carry and have more space.

With the sash you can spend more peacefully an evening with friends until late, with the baby sleeping on his chest, in contact with our breath and warmth, very relaxed.

The different types of sash

The baby carrier belt is a very useful tool that with a little practice and dexterity you can learn to use easily. There are different types for the different needs and build of the carriers.

The long and elastic bands are suitable for babies from birth to the first months of life. Thanks to their elasticity, they are easier to use because they adapt well to the shape of the bearer's body and the baby. The recommended position is "belly to belly" with triple support, which is given by the crossing of the flaps with the band. It is indicated for marsupial therapy for prematurely born babies. It is not recommended after 3-4 months as it is no longer a suitable support for the weight of children.

The rigid long band is produced from different materials such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo or linen, which do not make it elastic. It is suitable from the first months of life until the parent is able to carry the child. Thanks to the diagonal weave of the fabric, which makes it very resistant, it does not deform. It is tied around the body of the parent and the child to ensure a comfortable and comfortable support, both for the child and for those who carry it. It is important to choose the right size so as not to have too much unused fabric and to avoid the band being too short.

The mei tai sling is the traditional pouch of Asian origin, composed of a square of fabric with four bands that come out from the 4 corners and are tied together. Over time it has evolved with supports, padding and carabiners maintaining the basic characteristics. It is easier to use than the other bands because it is more intuitive. It allows the child to be carried in front, on the back and on the side, with the child's back bent into a physiological position. The correct position helps to feel less of the child's weight, which remains well supported.

The ringed headband has two hypoallergenic metal rings at one end of the fabric, which make it easier and more comfortable to wear, even for its shorter length compared to rigid headbands. It's comfortable for easy and discreet breast-feeding of newborns. Useful for older children who are starting to walk and often want to get on and off their arms.