A mother's life is complex, unique and in many ways challenging. To feel another life grow inside her, wean her off and take care of her over time is an unforgettable emotion.

But setting an example on how best to live life as a mother is even more so!

Influencers have a responsibility on their shoulders and, in our small way, we would like to reward those who are doing the best they can!

We at CORA Happywear also have children and we know the difficulties and challenges that a new mother has to face.

We have been following these mothers for a long time and we have understood that their values are aligned with ours: cultivating the bond with their children is fundamental.

If we can do this while respecting nature and educating them to do the same, we are even happier!

raffaella_babygreen - 9,5 thousand

Raffaella Caso is a green mom, who through her blog Baby Green deals with several interesting topics in line with our values: Eco & Family Blog, Healthy Food, Simple Life, Montessori, Decluttering, Family Travel

kristinakuzmic - 274 thousand

Kristana Kuzmic is an American mommy influencers. We share her motto: Exhauested but HAPPY MOM.

Her happiness (HAPPY) and her joy in facing life as a mom is one of the things we love about her.

alpineglam_charmeandmore - 4,3 thousand

Roberta is a mother and woman (from Bolzano) who lives in a world made of images, images that excite her. Elegance, sobriety and style are the ingredients of her world, seasoned with a good dose of passion.

sweetasacandy - 102 thousand

Federica Piccini is the mother of 3 children and founder of Sweet as a Candy.

We share with her the happiness of being a mother who communicates through each of her pictures and the love for South Tyrol.

instamamme - 60,8 thousand

Instamamme is a community of moms with many projects just like us moms in the CORA team. We follow them because we reflect with them as mothers who want to bring an added value to the world.

meodidebora - 44,5 thousand

We love Debora's genuineness and spontaneity in telling us about her life among children, her husband and her passions.

mammeaspillo - 47,4 thousand

We like Valentina Piccini because she is a nice mother and woman, extrovert and very colorful ;)

bambiniconlavaligia - 31,7 thousand

We love Fabio & Valentina's curiosity and the desire to travel and discover the world!

mammadalprimosguardo - 29 thousand

We love Serena's spontaneity in being a mom and sharing her life.

50sfumaturedimamma - 23,7 thousand

That's 3 moms who call themselves "normal", very nice. One day, in 2012 chatting among them they had the idea: if we wrote about maternity in our own way, making fun of us?

giorgiaceci_ 19,2 thousand

Giorgia writes her blog because of the need to express my emotions so that they could reach mothers like her, who had to face pregnancy alone. With her we share the Courage in facing life and the most difficult choices.

giorgiamantica - 17,9 thousand

Blogger and mom of 3 kids. It promotes a minimal, Scandinavian style. Always looking for special things for kids. We like her minimalism : LESS IS MORE

luisabertoldo - 37,1 thousand

Charming woman and mother, French style. We love the way she interprets and communicates her artistic and cultural sense.